Employee Health and Wellness

You can experience a remarkable improvement in your health if you're willing to change just few simple daily habits. Customize your own Health and Wellness Plan in this demo (designed in Articulate Rise).

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ATD-OC Board Member Training

Microlearning makes it easy to fit training into your busy schedule. Each module is about 5 minutes long and targets a specific skill. This demo highlights several topics covered in the ATD-OC Board Member Training series.

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UCI Video Testimonial

Want to learn more about Instructional Design? In this video, I describe my experience in the eLearning Instructional Design Certification Program at the University of California, Irvine.

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New Employee Orientation

You can increase engagement by using customizable characters in your training modules. This demo highlights some of the graphics and characters available in the Articulate 360 Content Library.

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OneOC Software Simulation

OneOC trains hundreds of nonprofit partners each year. They use this eLearning simulation to teach people how to use their Partner Portal software (Note: this simulation is best viewed on a desktop computer).

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Design a Hummingbird Garden

This eTool was designed for a garden company's social media campaign. Customers are given the opportunity to purchase flowers, hummingbird feeders, and related products online.

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