Employee Health and Wellness (Rise)


This is an introductory Health and Wellness course for employees who have self-identified as "trying to lose weight" and/or "not very active". The course was created in Rise, the latest development platform from Articulate.

The Challenge:

It can be difficult for employees to adopt healthier habits in the areas of food, exercise, and sleep. This is because the problem is usually rooted in motivation and environment, rather than in knowledge. For instance, most of us know that donuts are not the healthiest food choice. But the challenge is to limit how many we eat when someone leaves a big box of donuts in the break room.

The other challenge related to this course is platform awareness. Rise is a relatively new product, so many people are unaware of its features. This course is meant to showcase the various interactive elements available in Rise, including the new Scenario Block.

The Solution:

This course is based on the science of habit change. It includes elements derived from two books:

  • Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results - by James Clear
  • Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard - by the Heath Brothers.

In the introduction, participants are invited to visualize a desired end state: a satisfying high energy day, followed by a restful night of sleep. The Food section appeals to the senses with high-quality graphics and descriptions of power foods. The Exercise section assures participants that they only need to make small changes to get started. The Sleep section provides simple instructions on how they can tweak their environment and routine for better quality sleep.

At the end of each section, participants are invited to choose their next steps from a list of Power Tips. Each step is relatively easy to execute and commitment is simple: participants simply check the box next to the steps they want to include in their plan.

This eLearning course is designed to be part of a larger Health and Wellness Program delivered by Human Resources. The program includes a weekly "lunch and learn" series in which participants are invited to a free catered meal featuring the power foods mentioned in the course. Participants bring their Power Tips sheets, discuss which Tips work best for them, and share their learning with other employees.

On the technical side, this course highlights a number of interactive elements available in Rise. All of these features are mobile-responsive, meaning that they automatically reformat for optimal viewing on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.

The interactive elements included in this course are:

  • Flashcards
  • Labeled Graphics
  • Tabs Interaction
  • Continue Block
  • Accordion Interaction
  • Quote with Image
  • Text with Headers
  • Carousel Graphics
  • Checkbox List
  • Sorting Activity
  • Scenario

There are other interactive elements available in Rise that are not shown in this demo, including video, audio, and buttons (used for branching).

The "Exercise - Make it a Habit" section demonstrates the Scenario Block, a feature which was recently added to Rise. Participants are presented with a problem, and must make decisions to advance through the scenario. They receive feedback from the characters on the screen, as well as through written dialogue.

In this particular scenario, the participant is invited to ask themselves the question, "What would a healthy person do?" This simple but powerful technique is described by James Clear in his best-selling book, Atomic Habits. Participants are then given the chance to practice a few simple healthy behaviors, such as choosing to take the stairs instead of the elevator.

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