Design a Hummingbird Garden (Storyline 360)


This tool allows consumers create their own hummingbird garden, while giving them the opportunity to purchase selected flowers through a company website. The tool was designed to be part of a larger social media campaign.

The Challenge:

I created this Storyline 360 project for the practicum course at the UC Irvine Certification Program for eLearning Instructional Design . The challenge was to build a business tool for a fictitious business (Abundant Gardens), while highlighting the special features of my chosen development platform.

The project had to be visually appealing and mobile friendly, since it was to be delivered via social media. It also needed to provide a customized user experience, since every consumer's garden is unique.

The Solution:

To catch the consumer's eye, I incorporated high quality video, photos, and graphics throughout the project. I also included branching navigation so consumers could customize their list of flowers based on specific levels of sun exposure.

I also added a subtle gamified element to the plant selection process.  After selecting their garden's sun exposure, consumers are presented with a variety of flowers that they can add to their "collection". I used variables for the collection list, so that if they chose to make purchase, it could be used to populate their shopping cart in the company's online store.

Before leaving the experience, consumers are given the opportunity to engage with related webinars and online commentary. This allows the company to build up an online community, and to encourage future engagement.

View Hummingbird Demo